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Controller saves space by packing enhanced functionality into a smaller footprint


A new programmable DIN-rail mounted controller (PLC) from WAGO has a smaller footprint than its predecessors while providing enhanced functionality for seamless process automation. Available in three variants, the smallest of which measures just 50 mm wide, the PFC100 offers a compact and attractively priced control solution for a wide range of industrial applications. The controller is designed exclusively for e!COCKPIT, WAGO’s new intuitive engineering software suite, greatly simplifying the installation process and enabling systems to be brought online faster.

The controller is based on a Linux® real-time operating system, and its high performance Cortex A8 600MHz processor makes it suitable even for highly complex algorithms and applications. The PFC100 combines the comprehensive computing power and functionality of WAGO’s feature-rich PFC family of controllers with a smaller footprint that can save considerable control panel space.

Bringing complex functions into a single device addresses the customer need for multiple advanced control functions and features combined within one device, with a high level of security. PFC100 is a highly specified scalable solution; the compact ECO version (750-8100) is extremely cost effective yet still includes two Ethernet connections, 10MB of memory and a Micro SD slot. Next up, the 750-8101 increases the on-board memory to 12MB. The most specified 750-8102 has all the standard features, but also includes a configurable serial RS-232/RS-485 interface.

The PFC100 can be linked seamlessly into the e!COCKPIT software platform, which enables users to carry out hardware configurations, software programming, simulations and visualisations of complex controller tasks, and provides a platform for advanced CODESYS 3.5-based engineering. The simplicity of the software interface means that processes can be planned effectively and configured with minimal training required.

Numerous libraries are available with preconfigured functions and modules tailored for individual industries and applications. Customers can also create libraries to suit their exact requirements. The controller supports many protocols including MODBUS TCP/IP, MODBUS/UDP, MODBUS RTU, SNMP and FTP. The scalable I/O system enables automation of individual machines all the way up to entire systems.

Robust cyber security features safeguard the controller from hackers and unauthorised access to data and control functions with packages consisting of SSL/TLS, SSH, VPN, and firewall, as well as integrated password protection and secured communication reducing vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

In addition to the processing industry and building automation, typical applications for the PFC100 include standard machinery and equipment control such as packaging, bottling and manufacturing systems, as well as textile, metal and wood processing machines.

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