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Configuration software streamlines commissioning process


WAGO’s new automation engineering suite of tools shortens development time for automation projects by bringing all tasks – including hardware configuration, programming, simulation and diagnostics all the way up to final commissioning – into one single platform. The e!COCKPIT software supports all CODESYS 3 languages, allowing engineers to spend less time learning the new system and more time using it.

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface means that even complex automation tasks can be engineered without the need for extensive training, allowing easy adoption by engineers. By using one single platform from end to end, machines can be brought online faster leading to increased productivity.

By merging mechanical, electrical and software components into the same system, e!COCKPIT offers shorter development cycles without compromising on functionality. End-to-end data configuration and storage means the platform provides solutions at every step of the installation process. In addition, interfaces for master data exchange with external electrical and mechanical engineering software simplify complex data transmission, while largely eliminating error-prone double inputs.

The tool supports various network protocols including MODBUS, PROFIBUS, CAN and CANopen. Data connections between control systems and fieldbus couplers can be configured with just a few clicks. The simple graphical interface provides users with a clear and easily understandable overview of networks, including networks comprising mixed fieldbus connections, while clear status indicators enable quick diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Parameter values for several modules can be configured simultaneously, while a copy & and paste function enables users to quickly duplicate complete network branches, preventing errors while greatly speeding up the installation process. Engineers can seamlessly incorporate available field devices using fieldbus-specific device description files, such as EDS.

Based on the CODESYS 3 development environment, e!COCKPIT supports the use of all programming languages defined in the IEC 61131-3 international standard for PLCs, including Structured Text (ST), Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Instruction List (IL) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC). Additionally, continuous Function (CFC) programming is catered for, as well as modern paradigms like Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). All of these programming languages can be combined for maximum flexibility. By using a standardised programming environment, engineers can re-use software and programming languages with which they’re already familiar, so they quickly start using the system without having to waste valuable engineering time learning new input techniques.

The integrated visualisation editor offers direct access to program variables. HMI and PLC programs can be simulated on the engineering PC without having to connect to the device, resulting in faster configuration times. Compatibility with Unicode, HTML and CSS means that e!COCKPIT is not bound to any one particular language, giving users the freedom to use languages such as Cyrillic.

The software is continuously supported by WAGO, with automatic online upgrades ensuring that e!COCKPIT keeps pace with fast-moving industry trends and evolving standards, and remains at the forefront of automation technology.

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