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Cadence at embedded world 2014 Hall 4/4-116


At embedded world, Cadence Design Systems demonstrates the latest in development solutions for infotainment systems, early software development, and integration and verification of embedded subsystems. The company will present and demonstrate solutions from analog/mixed-signal simulation to complex system configuration to hardware/software co-development. One of these solutions is the Cadence® System Development Suite.

The suite accelerates system integration, validation, and bring-up with a set of four connected platforms for concurrent HW/SW design and verification. In 2013, new technologies for a faster software execution and virtualization of the chip environment were added to the suite.

The System Development Suite is comprised of: 

  • Cadence Virtual System Platform – a solution for early software development at the architectural and prototype design phases.
  • Cadence Incisive Verification Platform – a complete family of tools optimized for block- and chip-level verification with testbench simulation as a focal point.
  • Cadence Verification Computing Platform (Palladium XP) performs advanced simulation acceleration and emulation in a single environment.
  • Cadence Rapid Prototyping Platform – an FPGA-based prototyping solution combining high-capacity FPGA boards with a complete implementation and debug software flow.

 Cadence also presents its media access controller (MAC) IP for Ethernet-based automotive connectivity at the show. Cadence helps the automotive industry evolve to higher Ethernet speeds and meet consumer demand for high-performance in-vehicle networking applications. The company also introduces its Cadence® Sigrity® signal integrity and power analysis solutions for system-level verification and interface compliance. The power-aware signal integrity tools integrate the Allegro® and Sigrity technologies, providing signoff-level, accurate signal integrity analysis for PCBs and IC packages.

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