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ARCOL RWS Precision Power Wirewound Resistor is Surface Mountable


UK based ARCOL Resistors, the long established specialists in resistor technology, now offers the RWS range of compact precision power wirewound SMD resistors, the highest power SMD resistor design currently commercially available.

Uniquely designed to meet rising power requirements for surface mount components, its optimised thermal design is targeted to give greater efficiency and improved surge capacity of up to 5 times for 5 seconds, whilst reducing surface temperature rise compared with other resistors. The RWS range provides excellent overload characteristics, good stability, low standard TCR and low inductance and custom versions are available if required.

The RWS series of resistors are wirewound, constructed on an alumina core with steel end caps. The body is an encapsulated epoxy moulded compound with thermo conductivity contours.

Typical applications include shunt resistors, power supply current sense, capacitor discharge and bleeder resistors.

The RWS series offers high reliability and has been engineered to reduce long term thermal damage to printed circuit boards and surrounding components. RWS series resistors are RoHS compliant and available in low inductance format and with close TCR and standard tolerance of 0.5%, 1% and 5%. The operating temperature range is – 55°C to +155°C or + 275°C depending on model.

The ARCOL RWS resistor series offers an ohmic range from R005 to 50KΩ at power ratings from 0.05 to 50KΩ at 5W, R1 to 5KΩ at 7W and up to 10K at 10W.

Tony Daly, Sales Manager of ARCOL Resistors, comments; “OEMs increasingly need to automate manufacturing and our RWS range of high power resistors offer previously unavailable SMD assembly of these components, reducing manufacturing time and costs.”

For more information on the RWS precision power wirewound resistor series or ARCOL’s wide range of thick-film, SMD, precision and power resistors call +44 (0)1872 277 431, email or visit

Arcol Resistors
+44 (0)1872 277 431



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