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Amphenol Launches New Hermetic Connector


Amphenol is one of the leading manufacturers of interconnection products in the world servicing customers at a national and an international level to provide innovative solutions across many market sectors.

As a  global leader in hermetic glass- to-metal seal interconnect technology, Amphenol has the expertise and ability to offer connectors to support a wide range of demanding applications including aerospace, automotive, marine, industrial and other harsh environment programmes.

Launched at a recent exhibition were the latest hermetic technologies and product ranges optimised for high temperature sensors and pressure feed-throughs as well as other high end applications.

Exhibited for the first time in the UK were the latest Heavy mate F Series, a modular-based system which is intermateable with all other brands of rectangular modular-format connectors.

Also on show were the latest AT, ATP, RT360, M8 to M12 and M23 to M40 product ranges of connectors.  These flexible new highly reliable connectors were the focus of the company’s products exhibited at Southern Manufacturing this year.

The latest introduction to the Amphenol AT series of connectors is the AT-SRO1 Series (Strain Relief) it features specifically designed wire cavities to protect each individual wire seal, eliminating stress on the rear seal and maintaining IP67 sealing performance regardless of wire bundle direction.  It ensures complete environmental seal and strain relief on the production line and in the field of application.

The company’s recently launched Industrial Website helps customers to view an extensive range of products, technical data and specifications at whilst Amphenol’s network of global distributors can competitively provide products worldwide at exceptional service levels.





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