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ADVERTORIAL: Mouser Electronics Answers the Call of Design Engineers with Advanced Products


Most of the recent innovations in audio can be attributed to modern digital audio. With digital electronics, sound generation does not have to originate as mechanical energy transformed into a propagating sound wave. An audio experience can be created entirely via digital electronics of unnatural origin.

“Digital advancements in audio have taken sound possibilities to new levels that we never thought were possible 10 years ago,” says Graham Maggs, Mouser Electronics Director of EMEA Marketing and Business Development.” Mouser is a top global distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, providing the newest products and advanced technologies from more than 450 suppliers.
In addition to the newest products available on the European market today, Mouser provides design engineers in Europe with local technical support from its European headquarters in Munich, Germany, local office in the United Kingdom, and seven other offices throughout Europe. The global design-fulfillment distributor provides the full package of the newest products and comprehensive resources, helping engineers get their designs to market faster.
“We deliver a speed-to-market advantage for the engineers,” Maggs continues. “Up against the clock, their time is extremely valuable. Engineers appreciate our fast product delivery and unmatched local support in local language, currency and time zone.”
Maggs says that today’s innovative products are leading to amazing design possibilities in sound. For example, a recently patented invention can focus sound so that it can be aimed at a specific location with no effect on individuals nearby. It separates sound within small spaces, allowing diners to experience different music at each table of a restaurant. Clearly, a mixture of powerful electronics and software can enable innovation in audio that expands applications beyond the entertainment industry.
Audio innovation is within reach thanks to today’s creative and well-tuned devices. Some excellent examples of this technology can be found in Mouser Electronics’ comprehensive Audio Applications Product Knowledge Center (PKC) training site. The easy-to-navigate site focuses on solutions from noise cancellation, wireless headphones, and guitar wiring, to the latest in consumer audio for entertainment in sound bar technology. To learn more, visit /audio_applications/.
Audio innovation also encompasses vibration and silence, as well as audible sound. Active noise-cancellation in a car cabin is one new application here. What’s Next? Microphones embedded in the headliner pick up ambient road noise that is quickly processed and locally broadcasted as anti-sound waves of equal amplitude but opposite phase to cancel local interior noise.   
The electronics to implement active noise cancellation typically include a powerful DSP and surrounding devices, such as Texas Instruments’ highly integrated stereo audio CODEC, with features required for such an application: Fast, flexible, powerful, and ideally suited for the task with extensive signal processing options in an integrated mini-DSP, Maggs explains.
Mouser’s audio site features applications with system block diagrams to navigate for easy reference. Functional blocks link to lists of relevant and recommended parts from major component manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Fairchild Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated Products, Bourns, and NXP Semiconductors.
The Audio Applications site on includes related articles and resources from innovating manufacturers. The educational site for audio applications is a training repository for information, technical documents, application notes, and videos.
“Our goal is to provide design engineers across Europe with the newest products and product knowledge to help them get their designs to market faster,” Maggs concludes.

Mouser Electronics UK
Suite C, First Floor
Artisan Building
Hillbottom Road
High Wycombe
Bucks. HP12 4HJ, United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 (0)1494-467490

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