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0.5/1kW AC-DC Power Supplies with High Power Density Levels


Powerstax, specialist provider of highly optimized power sources, has announced the introduction of further additions to its highly regarded N series of AC-DC products. Enclosed in ultra-low profile 1U format packages, with 90VAC to 264VAC inputs supported, the NM0501 and NM1001 have 504W and 1008W outputs respectively. Both products have the capacity to deliver power efficiency levels of up to 92%.

The innovative proprietary design on which the N series products are based lowers energy consumption and improves thermal performance, with minimal forced air cooling required. This means that AC loads are reduced and power system running costs can be kept in check. In addition operational increases reliability and economy of operation. Furthermore, the ultra-low profile 1U package means it can be easily implemented into designs using industry standard 1U chassis, with the upshot that additional space is freed up for other functions.

Both these units are compliant with EN60950-1 (2nd Edition) and EN60601-1 (2nd and 3rd Editions). They also meet SEMI F47 and MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) standards. Thanks to the multiple agency approvals they have received they can be implemented in industrial, commercial and healthcare application scenarios.

An I²C communications interface can be included as required. An optional O-ring function can be used in order to provide N+1 redundancy if this is deemed necessary for the power system design. The Powerstax engineering team is able to offer a variety of different modifications to these units to meet customers specific requirements – such as conformal coatings, addition of metalwork, cover assemblies, fan assemblies, etc. 

About Powerstax:

Powerstax specializes in customized and configurable system-level power for demanding environments. Products include AC-DC power supply units, DC-DC converters and 19” rack mount power solutions. It also offers highly compact and ruggedized package solutions for applications that are space-critical or situated in harsh environments. The company’s patented power technology has been deployed in military vehicles, defense, avionics, high-end industrial, oil & gas, medical, railway and commercial power systems across the globe. Through the acquisition of the Drake brand of transformer rectifiers, Powerstax is able to provide robust power up to 1MW to water treatment & purification, corrosion prevention and metal finishing applications.

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