Brave New World in 3D Solid Modelling
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Brave New World in 3D Solid Modelling

David Pike, Applications Engineer at RS Components, discusses 3D design and explores some of the basic differences between feature-based modelling and direct modelling, and how DesignSpark Mechanical – the new 3D modelling tool will release creativity among users and offer new possibilities for engineers from concept design through to manufacturing

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High-Tech R&D − Drowning in Data but Starving for Information

Jens Popp and Dirk Ortloff from process relations GMBH hightlight the data searching issues affecting everyday R&D engineers

High-tech is a term that is widely used to describe a device or system being state of the art. So high-tech can be applied to the cutting edge such as nanomaterials but also to some “old” industries like paint production for example. What all these industries have in common is a production process that has multiple steps, many parameters or both.

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